Cairns Ultimate Dinner Cruise

Enjoy an evening of calm water cruising on Trinity Inlet. Boarding our sailing catamaran at the Marlin Marina, taking in the sights and sounds of this tropical port city and its surrounding mangroves, as they transition from day to night. Every Cairns Ultimate Dinner Cruise begins with bubbles, as all good dinner cruises should!

See Cairns from a different perspective

With your glasses charged, stroll the interior or exterior decks and admire the view as the sky transforms from blue to red to orange and finally a silky black, filled with thousands of sparkling stars.

Your journey takes you deep into the heart of Trinity Inlet and across the waterfront precinct of Cairns, from the Cruise Liner Terminal to the Esplanade. With entertainment and a delicious buffet featuring some of the region’s best produce, including seafood. This is the ultimate in waterside dining in Cairns.

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