Introductory Scuba Diving puts you in the picture

Make the transition from snorkelling to introductory scuba diving.  No qualifications are necessary. Our instructors will show you basic techniques and get you in the water.

introductory scuba diving
Great Barrier Reef Coral

Introductory Scuba Diving – The First Step into a Whole New World

Perhaps you have snorkelled at the Great Barrier Reef before.

Maybe you have seen videos of scuba diving and always wanted to give it a try.

No matter your reasons, if you are interested in scuba diving but are not ready for the full time and cost commitments of an open water diving course,  introductory scuba diving at the reef with Cairns Cruise is for you.

Known in the industry as Resort Diving. Your introduction to scuba diving will be one that you won’t soon forget.

Exploring the reef from the water’s surface with a snorkel and mask is an unforgettable experience but it really is just a window into this world.

Once you head underwater and experience diving for the first time, you will never go back.

Resort Diving – The Introductory Scuba Diving Experience

Resort diving is your opportunity to “test the water” before undertaking an open water diving course.  It is available to everyone over the age of 12 with basic swimming ability and no precluding medical conditions.

Before heading into the water, you will receive training on the basic techniques and using the equipment including:

  • Removing, replacing and clearing your mask
  • Recovering and clearing a lost breathing regulator
  • Maintaining breathing and neutral buoyancy

Once you are in the water, all resort divers will have an instructor within arm’s reach. Instructors will each only have 4 divers in their care.

Resort scuba divers are limited to a depth of 5 metres but the vast majority of the splendour of the reef is in the first few metres anyway so you will get the full experience.

Using a mask and breathing regulator can feel unnatural to many people at first. It doesn’t take long to get used to it. You will soon find yourself exploring the reef from the perspective of its many natural inhabitants.


Cairns Cruise Introductory Scuba

All tours operated by Cairns Cruise offer introductory scuba diving so groups with qualified scuba divers and first-timers can tour the reef on the same vessel.

Our experienced crew will show you the basic techniques and how to use the equipment before getting in the water with you.

Don’t worry, on a resort dive your instructor will remain within arm’s length at all times.

Cairns Cruise offers a wide range of day trips and multi-day liveaboard tours for you to experience some of the best dive sites on the outer Great Barrier Reef.

Book a day tour or stay on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

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