Great Barrier Reef Scuba Diving

One of the greatest attractions in Cairns and all of Australia, is the world heritage listed Great Barrier Reef.  While you can snorkel or view the reef through a glass-bottom boat tour, the only way to get the full experience is on a scuba diving tour.

Cairns Cruise offers a range of scuba diving options on 3 vessels. We cater to divers of all abilities to provide an experience you will never forget.

PADI and SSI certified divers can experience the reef on a budget tour like Compass Cruises. Or take an all-inclusive tour on MV Reef Experience.  Maybe looking for more than just a day scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef. The MV Reef Encounter offers multi-day liveaboard tours.  All of our vessels visit some of the best dive sites on the outer reef.

On all our day trips, you will stop at the first dive site selected from:

Once there, you will have ample time to head below the surface. Explore the vibrant array of marine life hidden among the rock and coral formations.  After lunch, you will head to a second site. Depending on your selected package, you can either snorkel or scuba again.

The liveaboard trips offer a different experience. You will witness the full day/night life cycle of the reef.  Take on a night dive and see the reef truly come to life as its inhabitants become more active and the coral literally glows in the moonlight.


Scuba Diving Certifications

PADI and SSI certified divers can explore the majesty of the Great Barrier Reef at their own pace.

For those that have never dived, introductory dives (known as resort diving) are available for a taste of the underwater environment.  If this is you, our instructors will help you learn the basic techniques and familiarise you with the equipment.  Once in the water, they will stay within arm’s reach to help you whenever you may need.

If you have already taken part in a resort dive, or even if you haven’t, why not learn to dive and obtain your certification while exploring the reef?  MV Reef Encounter offers onboard accommodation for multi-day courses.  What better place to learn to dive than swimming among the coral and vibrant tropical marine life?


Scuba Diving Tour Options

Cairns Cruise operates three separate vessels, catering for different needs from first-timers to experienced divers.

Compass Cruises

Budget day trips to some of the best sites on the outer Great Barrier Reef.  Perfect for groups and families on a budget that want to experience the reef during their trip to tropical far north Queensland.

Reef Experience

The best all inclusive day trip to the reef.  For those looking to experience the reef in style, why not try out the VIP Top Deck Club?

Reef Encounter

For something completely different, why not liveaboard on our spacious vessel for two or more days and see the sun rise and set over the reef?

Diving Expeditions

Cairns Cruise is also partnered with Spirit of Freedom and Mike Ball’s Spoilsport for week long expeditions to some of the greatest and most unique dive sites in the world.

Feel free to browse our range of introductory scuba tours and book this unforgettable experience today.