Great Barrier Reef Fun Facts for Kids

Great Barrier Reef Facts for kids will just give you a taste of how interesting our reef is we hope that you will put in on your bucket list and come and see it for yourselves one day soon

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is the largest living thing on our planet, did you know you can see it form the moon?

How long is the Great Barrier Reef ?

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef stretches along the Queensland coast of Australia form Fraser Island to the Tip of Cape York Peninsula

How big is the Great Barrier Reef ?

The Great Barrier Reef covers 35 million hectares , and is made up of nearly 3000 individual reefs and 1000 islands.

How old is the Great Barrier Reef ? the oldest reefs were laid down more than 500 million years ago

Who lives on the Great Barrier Reef ? over 1500 species of fish, 4000 species of mollusk, 400 species of sponge, and 350 species of coral – the Great Barrier Reef is the most bio diverse ecosystem on our planet

Why do reef fish have patterns and why are they so brightly coloured? Coral Fish come in bright beautiful patterns and colours they have a wonderful way of camouflaging with the corals on the reef.


What is the oldest coral ?  The oldest coral on the Great Barrier Reef is around 1000 years old its called porites coral

What types of coral grows on the Great Barrier Reef ?  There are 3 main types of coral reef Fringing reefs are most common, growing on the edges of land that are underwater

Great Barrier Reef facts for kids
Mantis Shrimp

Do you know who delivers a powerful punch on the Great Barrier Reef ?  Mantis Shrimps they can surprise their prey by hitting our at speeds of 240 metres per second

Great Barrier Reef interesting facts for Kids

Did you know that if a anemonefish is absent from its anemone for 24 hours it must regain its immunity to the anemone’s stings

Brittle stars escape attackers by shedding their arms, which then regrow.

All Anemonefishes start their lives as males.

Boxfish can not bend their bodies to hunt or swim

Marine turtles “fly” through the water using their front flippers as wings

The fast swimming fish such as Tuna, have stiff, blade like tails which produce thrust but little drag.

Great Barrier Reef puzzles

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