Great Barrier Reef Island Cruise

Island Cruise there is more than just scuba diving and snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef.  Explore one or more of the many Islands dotted along the reef.

More than Just the Reef – Great Barrier Reef Islands

No doubt, the greatest attraction to a holiday to Cairns is snorkeling or scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef…  And with good reason.  Swimming with the coral and marine life at Australia’s very own natural wonder of the world should be on everyone’s bucket list!

But did you know that the reef offers much more than just an underwater playground?  The vast expanse of the reef includes over 900 islands and coral cays, covered in tropical plants and wildlife.  Close to Cairns are three protected natural park islands with; Green Island, Fitzroy Island and Lizard Island.

Why not include a tour of one or more of these Islands during your stay in Cairns?

Green Island Cruise

Green Island has a long history, long before European settlement.

Local aboriginal tribes used the island as a fishing ground and as a ceremonial site for sacred initiations into manhood.  Over the years, the island has seen several hotels and resorts open and has even played host to Queen Elizabeth II.

The island is still home to the Green Island National Park and a vast array of birdlife, including 15 nesting species and up to 55 in total with all the visiting sea and shorebirds from the mainland.

Green Island is the only coral cay on the reef that has a rainforest and you can explore the lush green island with a self-guided Eco walk over the boardwalks around the 1.6km circumference of the island.

Of course, Green Island is fringed by a coral reef so a day tour would not be complete without swimming out from a white sandy beach to snorkel among the fringing coral reef.

Cairns Cruise offers both a half-day tour and full-day tours to the island.

Fitzroy Island Cruise

Similar to Green Island, Fitzroy Island is another popular destination on the Great Barrier Reef.

The island offers beautiful beaches, snorkeling and kayaking the crystal clear waters and fringing coral reefs, as well as walks of varying difficulties through the 800-acre tropical rainforest national park.

Fitzroy Island is a popular destination for families and visitors of all ages.

Cairns Cruise offers a full day tour for you to enjoy everything the island has to offer.

Lizard Island Flight

Cairns Cruise offers a once in a lifetime experience with a full-day tour to Lizard Island.  Departing Cairns, you will experience the Great Barrier Reef from a new perspective with a low-level scenic flight to the island.

On arrival at Lizard Island, you will have the freedom to discover at your own pace, why it is a top destination for Marine Biologists from around the world.

With the main island covering 10 square kilometres and 3 smaller islands nearby, the group of islands borders a vibrant blue lagoon surrounded by a fringing reef teeming with marine life.

Lizard Island itself has 23 secluded white sandy beaches waiting for you to relax and soak up the tropical sun.  The island is a certified Ecotourism site and if you choose to take a self-guided walk, you will discover diverse wildlife, including the ancient monitor lizards that call the island home.


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